One of the biggest news for Apple’s macOS was the inclusion of Catalyst. A platform that lets developers work with iPad apps on their systems. This would allow for better integration and a more smooth developing timeline. This was Apple’s entire idea during the WWDC in 2019. It was a move to push the iPad and macOS devices as close as possible.

Developers could easily import these iPad apps for macOS in Xcode. All they would have to do was click a checkbox in the development software and that was it. While the idea held great potential, it wasn’t anything out of the blue or new. Google has implemented this with its Chromebooks which can now run all android apps. Sadly though, in Apple’s case, these apps didn’t work out quite well for the system.

Firstly there was no actual feel of the transition. It did not feel like an application that can work from both perspectives (I get this similar, weird feeling on touch-screen Windows Devices). Secondly, developers simply didn’t push many apps for the platform. Apart from big names such as Twitter and Apple’s native apps such as News and Stocks, there weren’t many apps introduced for the Catalyst. In an attempt to fix this issue, saving the feature from fading away with time, Apple is coming up with a solution. According to WCCFTECH, the company is looking to update the platform. In an attempt to reduce bugs and avoid API crashes, Apple aims to rebrand and bring Catalyst back on the main page.

Issues like individual licenses were causing issues for many users who had to purchase apps separately for both platforms are looking to be rectified by Apple. Apple aims to fix these issues, bring about a more inviting platform for its developers. The main goal is to eventually introduce iPad apps which are not present on the macOS. So, for people sick of having to navigate to, a Netflix App or even a Youtube App may just come to your devices sooner than later.