As the name implies, a CD Label Software is an application that helps you in creating the labels for your CDs as well as designing their covers. A CD label software is considered important because, without appropriate labeling, all CDs look exactly alike. Therefore, if you want to keep your collection of CDs and DVDs organized, then you must have good CD label software.

Most of the people overlook the importance of such little things and even if they do realize it, they still do not want to spend anything from their pocket on such products rather they are always in search of free products that can cater to all their needs without any cost. That is why we have created for you a list of The 5 Best Free CD Label Software. Let us check all of them out.

1. Disketch Disk Label Software

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Disketch Disk Label Software is a free product by NCH Software designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems. It allows you to create labels for your CDs and DVDs. You can also design the covers for your CD and DVD jewel cases. This software provides you with a lot of built-in templates for designing your covers. However, you can also use your own artwork and images for this purpose by importing them into Disketch. This software also presents you with a wide range of colors, font sizes and styles for your labels.

Disketch Disk Label Software

Apart from simple labeling, you can also add the track lists and the album titles on your CD and DVD covers. Once you have created your labels and covers, you can print them directly on to your CDs and DVDs. You can easily adjust the printing position, alignment, size, etc. of your covers. If you do not want to print the labels and covers yourself, then you can even save your designs as PDFs for printing later on. Moreover, you can also share your created designs on different social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc.

2. Nero Cover Designer

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Nero Cover Designer is a free CD label software designed for the Windows operating system. This software comes with a wide range of templates for designing your CD and DVD covers. You can even create a list of all your files that are present on your CD or DVD and then print them as the CD/ DVD label. You can also use your own creativity in designing the covers for the jewel cases of CDs and DVDs by importing your own designs to Nero Cover Designer. This software supports multiple different image formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, PPM, PBM, etc.

Nero Cover Designer

You can select different font sizes, styles, and colors for your labels. You can even add various 2D shapes to your CD and DVD covers such as rectangle, square, circle, etc. The most pleasing thing about this software is that if you ever need any sort of assistance while using it, you can always make use of its Help feature. Apart from designing CD labels and covers, you can also create your Business Cards very conveniently with the help of this software.

3. LightScribe Template Labeler

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LightScribe Template Labeler is a free CD label software which is compatible with the Windows and Mac operating systems. This software comes with 15 built-in templates for designing CD and DVD covers. You can even add Text as a label to your cover. This software also allows you to add images on top of the pre-installed cover templates. You can set the brightness, contrast, etc. of your covers to make them look more appealing.

LightScribe Template Labeler

LightScribe enables you to set the font size, style and color of your labels according to your own choice. You can also add borders to your covers for enhancing their beauty. Once you are done with the creation of your labels and covers, all you have to do is to insert the desired CD or DVD for which you have designed the cover and label into your disk drive and simply burn your label or cover on to it.

4. Brainative Disk Label Designer

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Brainative Disk Label Designer is a free disk label software for the Windows operating system. The most fascinating thing about this software is that it has a very friendly user interface. It does not overwhelm the users by overloading its interface with a bulk of icons rather only limited but highly useful icons are available on it. You can create labels as well as design covers for multiple different types of disks with the help of this software. You can set the cover images, their backgrounds, and colors right according to your own taste.

Brainative Disk Label Designer

Brainative Disk Label Designer allows you to add different effects to your labels and covers. You can also set the font sizes, styles, and colors of your labels very easily. This software gives you the liberty of saving your designs in BMP format for future usage. Moreover, you can also print these designs on to your CDs or DVDs very conveniently.

5. Ronyasoft Label Maker

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Ronyasoft Label Maker is a free CD label and cover designer software for the Windows operating system. This software has the largest collection of templates for CD and DVD labels and covers. It allows you to choose a pre-installed template and then you can add your own text and images on top of it. This software is efficient enough to analyze your disks. For example, if you are burning an audio disk, then it will create a tracklist for you to be added as a label for your disk.

Ronyasoft Label Maker

You can also add different effects to your designed CD and DVD covers. The Template Designer feature of Ronyasoft Label Maker allows you to create customized labels and covers for your disks and then add them to the Template Library to be used later on. It means that you are not restricted to the built-in templates rather you can easily create your own templates any time you want. The most wonderful thing about this software is that it supports a wide range of different printers which enables you to print your designs very conveniently.