Perhaps one of the biggest partnerships of the year has materialized moments ago. According to a news piece being broadcasted on EA’s official site, the company is partnering up with Valve to bring EA titles to gamers on Steam. 

As part of their EA Access, the company is extending its service to the Steam users by the end of the first quarter of 2020. This would make the company the sole holder of a gaming subscription service available on steam, as the site denotes ever so boldly. 

We have some news…

— Electronic Arts (@EA) October 29, 2019

While the news on its own is already quite exciting, the headlining title for this venture is the latest Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The game, which is set to release on November 15, would be available for pre-order starting today. This would also be one of the first games to debut for the new partnership. Additionally, the platform would also support games like Sims 4 and Unravel Two. Multiplayer titles like FIFA 20 and Apex Legends would be added in the following year. This means that players on Origin and Steam would be able to play together, allowing for an exciting cross-platform (of sorts) experience. 

Currently, there would be a plethora of titles available for the users, but EA is keen to lay emphasis on its EA Access service which would debut in 2020. Like Sony’s PlayStation Plus, it would offer awards and exclusive discounts and deals to the members subscribed. While they have broken the bomb with this news, the company has kept certain details hidden still and we’d see those soon, as promised. For now, EA demands its followers to stay tuned as more news and updates would follow in the weeks to come!