Microsoft Your Phone app is promising to become a comprehensive platform that allows users to execute all smartphone functions through a computer running Windows OS. Once synced with a PC, the Your Phone app effectively eliminates the need to pick up the mobile device. After the rather disappointing performance of Continuum, Microsoft has offered a rather impressive and stable platform that has seamless platform convergence. And combined with the Samsung Dex platform, users of Samsung mobile phones can replicate and execute all of the functions, including phone calls, SMS, file copy and paste, etc.

We had recently reported on the partnership between Microsoft and Samsung just before the latter’s Unpacked Event. The companies had decided to collaborate extensively and as a result, upcoming Samsung smartphones running the latest version of Android would have several Microsoft apps, platforms, and services preinstalled. Some of the notable Microsoft apps that Samsung would preload included the MS Office apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. However, the most prominent inclusion was Your Phone app. Today, Samsung and Microsoft jointly offered a glimpse of what benefits the enhanced collaboration would bring to Android smartphone users.

Microsoft And Samsung Offer Comprehensive Solutions To Replicate All Android Smartphone Functions On PC:

Windows 10 Your Phone app essentially bridges the gap between desktop and Android smartphones, allowing users to send and receive texts right from their PC. The Your Phone platform was recently updated to support Screen Mirroring. At the Samsung Unpacked Event, Microsoft demoed a new Your Phone app feature that allows users to make and receive phone calls, SMS and other standard features that were once restricted to mobiles only. Incidentally, the company hasn’t confirmed how the feature works, but the Your Phone app likely draws out the phone’s dialer or contact list.

Calls placed through the Your Phone app are routed via the PC’s speakers and built-in microphone similar to Skype. Microsoft also confirmed users would be able to accept as well as reject the calls. Moreover, users can reply with either a text or voicemail.

Windows 10 via Microsoft’s Your Phone app is now natively integrated with the Note 10. This means full multi-touch access to all your mobile apps right from PC.

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Samsung’s Dex, on the other hand, appears to have a surprising lead to Microsoft’s Your Phone app. Using the Samsung Dex platform, the company has previously indicated how a smartphone could effectively become a desktop. During the Unpacked Event, Samsung took the concept even further. The company showed off implementation of its revamped Dex app that looked like it was running in a Virtual Machine setting. Moreover, the Dex platform appears to have incorporated nearly all the features Microsoft has been continually promising users would be coming to Windows 10 in the near feature.

How Does The Samsung Dex Platform Replicate The Android Smartphone’s Functions Within A Desktop Environment?

Using just a single USB Type-C cable, Samsung showed how Galaxy Note 10 users will now be able to connect to a Windows PC or Mac. Users would be greeted with a VM version of its smartphone experience on the desktop. The desktop variant of the platform includes all the same apps and Samsung’s Dex desktop software. Speaking about the same, Samsung said:

And now, with native integration of Link to Windows on Galaxy Note10, it’s never been easier to connect your Samsung phone to your Windows 10 PC. Just connect your Galaxy Note10 with your PC via the Link to Windows setting and get instant access to your Android phone’s content that matters to you. Now there’s no need to dig for your phone to check notifications, schedule a ride to the airport, or even text. And you can finally stop emailing yourself photos as you can drag and drop photos directly into your email or your PowerPoint presentation.

Samsung bolsters Microsoft’s Your Phone app efforts with new Note 10 Dex experience

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The Samsung Dex, once synced with a PC running Windows OS or a Mac Computer running macOS, now supports drag and drop file transfer between desktop OS and the synced smartphone. The recent partnership with Microsoft includes S-Pen support to Outlook as well as pre-loading Your Phone app on Galaxy Note 10’s.

Users of premium Samsung Android smartphones with powerful hardware and top-end specifications, who are now familiar with the Dex platform, can still use the same, with improved functionality as well. Samsung Dex can still replicate a complete desktop experience of Android OS running on a large monitor. The platform works with a standalone monitor, keyboard, and mouse. The only thing different now is that users will need an additional HDMI to USB-C connection.

With the partnership, Microsoft has indicated its future roadmap. The company has not only given up on Windows Phone OS but also seems to have abandoned the Continuum project. It now wants to push the integration of its apps, platforms, and services to Android smartphone users.