For quite a while now, users have been used to the idea of using Windows 10 as their main operating system. This was not the norm though back in the day. By that, I refer to the year 2010. Although Windows 10 has reached much stability, Windows 7 still remains superior for the stable content it provides. For that reason, many users still prefer Windows 7 over the newer version.

Lately, DirectX 12 has been supporting quite a few games on Windows 10 as it prefers the compatibility option. There has been a general trend which forced many gamers to shift to Windows 10 to support the latest titles on their systems. Game developers, earlier, started integrating their games to support DirectX 12 on Windows 7. One of the first games ported to the platform earlier this year was the World of Warcraft, a 15-year-old title. There has been more development regarding the topic lately though. According to a report by WCCFTECH, Gears of War 5, by The Coalition, would be coming to the older version of the operating system.

While it did create a ray of hope for Windows 7 users, given the fact both Blizzard and The Coalition happen to be Microsoft’s first-party supported developers. Good news though, Jianye Lu Program Manager of Microsoft’s DirectX 12 Graphics Team introduced some exciting news about future games. According to the article, Microsoft would be aiding game developers to port their games to Windows 7. Microsoft would be giving developers some handy tools to aid them in the process. These include, as mentioned in the article:

  • Development Guidance Document
  • D3D12onWin7 NuGet package
  • D3D12 sample

With these tools, developers would be more interested in porting their games for users with older versions of Windows. It is true that Windows 7 has taken a similar platform to that of Windows XP. This makes the platform quite desirable due to its ease of use, familiar nature and support. With time perhaps, we would see more games, classic titles and newer ones be ported to Windows 7.