Google Password Checkup Tool Updates To Built-In Feature For Chrome And Offers Real-Time Protection From Poor Security Habits

The popular and effective Google Chrome web-browser extension, which conducts a security-audit about poor password practices and security breaches, has now been promoted to a built-in feature. The Chrome extension called Password Checkup Tool essentially conducts a preliminary but thorough analysis of the passwords and reveals if they have been used on platforms that were compromised in the past. It appears Google is closely integrating the much-needed feature to its own Password Manager, which is essentially a virtual storehouse for user passwords.

Google’s Password Checkup will now work even closer with the in-built Password Manager. Together, the duo should be able to improve the otherwise poor password hygiene of internet users. Earlier, the Password Checkup feature was available as a voluntary add-on. In other words, Google Chrome users had the option to download and install the extension to check if their passwords or log-in credentials have been compromised on websites in the past. The extension checked against known password leaks across the web to determine if a specific password is found there. Simply put, the extension was able to caution users about using unique and difficult to guess passwords. Moreover, the extension’s core functionality appears to be a strong reminder about using different passwords for each website that demands a login credential.

Google launched a bunch of new privacy / security features today:– Incognito mode for Maps– Auto-delete for YouTube history– Ask Google Assistant to delete data– Password checkup tool inside Google’s Password Manager


— Paul Sawers (@psawers) October 2, 2019

Google’s Password Checkup Now An Integral Part of Password Manager:

While the Password Checkup Tool, was previously only informing about security breaches that may also include the login credentials of the users, the feature has now been updated to include even more powerful features. In addition to checking if the users’ passwords have been leaked before, the enhanced feature can also tell you if the password is being reused across websites. Needless to add, this is by far the easiest method and the weakest spot at which attackers strike.

Merely guessing the user might have used the same login credentials or passwords on multiple websites works in many cases. Google and other popular web platforms, including several social media platforms regular send alerts and attempt to educate its users about better password hygiene. However, several compromised accounts can be linked to reused passwords. With Google’s Password Checkup, Chrome users may improve their patterns and start using unique passwords for each website that demands a login credential.

Additionally, Google’s Password Checkup can also caution users if they are using weak passwords that are easy to guess. This is now a highly common practice. In fact, most websites even deploy simple to understand visual indicator that goes from ‘Weak’ to ‘Strong’ based on the length and complexity of the passwords.

Being promoted from an Extension to an in-built feature that will work alongside Chrome’s Password Manager means the feature will now offer a much better precautionary warning system that would work preemptively. An upgrade to the Password Checkup, Tool which is expected to arrive before the current year runs out, will offer real-time protection so users can be aware of security issues with their passwords without needing a separate extension.

Good Password Hygiene Critical To Safe Internet Browsing:

Using unique, complex and lengthy passwords has always been the most basic defense against widespread cyber-attacks. Persistent threat groups have been known to try and penetrate other accounts of the compromised user. Using the same password across several websites make their job very easy.

Nearly a quarter of #Americans use “Admin” “abc123” & “123456” as #passwords, according to #survey by @Google & @HarrisPoll. If you’re one of them, you could benefit from Password Checkup, a tool in #Google’s accounts management service via @CNET #Security

— Gene Marks (@genemarks) October 2, 2019

Google and other platforms have been actively suggesting users about activating and using the two-factor authentication technique in addition to strong passwords. However, many users either ignore the advice or refuse to activate the same as it involves receiving an SMS and an additional step. Google’s Password Checkup Tool, working alongside Password Manager could be a user’s first line of preventive defense. Internet users who wish to conduct an audit about their passwords can visit Google’s password manager page right now. There’s also the increasing availability of fingerprint authentication.