Dead By Daylight, the asymmetrical 4v1 survival horror game by Behavior Interactive, is unlikely to receive an esports scene. While the game has dabbled in competitive events here and there, game director Mathieu Cote isn’t sure whether esports is viable for the game.

In an interview with PCGamesN, Cote stated that he sees Dead By Daylight as “more of an e-show than an esport”. Over four years after its launch in 2016, the game is yet to establish even a foothold in esports. There are many reasons why Behavior didn’t pursue esports for the game, but the most significant one is likely game balance. Due to the nature of Dead By Daylight, balancing the game to ensure fairness for both survivors and killer is extremely challenging.

If Behavior were to put resources into esports, however, it would pose an even greater challenge for the studio. Since its launch, Dead By Daylight has regularly introduced new content in the form of chapters. With deadlines in place, crunch scenarios are bound to present themselves.

“We’d much prefer to delay a chapter by a week, which we’ve done, giving us a little time to finish rather than telling everyone on the team ‘you’re staying, you’re coming in on the weekend’,” says Cote.

With the added pressure of keeping the game “esports ready”, it’s safe to say that maintaining Behavior’s no-crunch culture would become impossible.

That’s not to say that Dead By Daylight won’t ever see an esports scene. The game’s first esports tournament was held just last year, and the possibility of future competitive events isn’t dead.

At the end of the day, Dead By Daylight just wasn’t built as a competitive game. The variety in items, add-ons, perks, and the sheer inconsistency in the core gameplay hinder any attempt at establishing a fair match-up.

Content-wise, however, players have a lot to look forward to. The recent Archives update added a ton of new content, and subsequent chapters will only bring more stuff to Dead By Daylight.