Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s upcoming “Operation Dark Divide” update is bringing a horde of new additions to last year’s first person shooter. While the game certainly isn’t as popular as the unreleased Modern Warfare, developer Activision is continuing to add new weapons, skins, and vehicles to the game.

Operation Dark Divide

The new Dark Divide update will first come to PlayStation 4 today, with the Xbox One and PC versions arriving later. The update primarily focuses on additions for Blackout battle royale, but also adds maps, weapons and cosmetics for Zombies and Multiplayer.

Operation Dark Divide gets rid of Blackout’s zombie-theme, and preps it for the upcoming “Heavy Metal Heroes” limited time mode. This unique mode features “insane” features such as Thrust Jump, Infinite Grapple Gun, and a bunch more. In addition to two new weapons, the massive update introduces armored vehicles to the battle royale mode.

The most notable addition is the tank, a two-person armored vehicle armed with a gun. The tank and other armored assault vehicles can be called in via the new Flare Gun. In addition, the Savage Impaler and Winter’s Fury weapons from Zombies can now be found in Blackout.

Other aspects of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 have also received some much needed love in Dark Divide. Owners of the Black Ops pass now have access to Lair, a map “unlike any Multiplayer experience we’ve ever built”. Additionally, the Tag Der Toten Zombies narrative is now available for pass holders. On the cosmetic front, the black market has received a new contraband stream, including a new Ultra Weapon Bribe.

Expect to see all the new content when Operation Dark Divide goes live on PlayStation 4 later today. A release date for the PC and Xbox One version of the update haven’t been announced. For more information on Dark Divide and all the new content coming with it, check out Activision’s blog post.