Qualcomm is one of the top chipmakers in the market. Pick up a phone and odds are that it is running some version of Qualcomm silicone. While the company does make chips for smartphones, it made the XR1 chip in May, last year. This was a chip solely dedicated to VR and AR, dubbed as XtendedReality.

In a recent update, Roland Quandt, a German Tech Blogger for Winfuture tweeted about something interesting. According to his tweet (embedded below), Qualcomm is reportedly working on a new version of the XR1. While it is still unsure what the processor would be called in the end, the blogger has named it as XR2. Perhaps he got the name from the model number which he says would be SXR2130. According to Roland, Qualcomm has the processor in the works and would be developing it in the months to follow. While we still do not have a clear announcement at hand, it is nice to know that we would be seeing much more development in the field of both VR and AR. It should be noted that a lot of future applications would be based on this technology. Even today, we see a lot of manufacturers and developers focusing on this aspect of content creation and distribution.

Qualcomm has a new Snapdragon “XR2” (SXR2130) processor for AR/VR devices in the works.

— Roland Quandt (@rquandt) November 12, 2019

As for the performance of the upcoming device, we seriously do not really know that either. Given that we have the first XRs numbers to compare with, it should be safe to say that the chip would be quite future proof. As we got to know yesterday, Apple is in the works to make an AR headset in the near future, it gives us context on how this would definitely become an industry standard. The chip, it may just re-revolutionize the idea of having AR in the palm of your hand. For now, though, we wait for an official announcement or leaks to see what numbers we get out of the device.