Earlier this year at E3, the first trailer for Square Enix’s highly-anticipated Avengers game was released. During the event, a private gameplay demo of the game was shared. Apart from a scruffy leak some time later, we weren’t able to see practically any gameplay of the game. During today’s Gamescom 2019, Square Enix officially revealed the 20-minute gameplay demo.


As revealed in IGN’s talk, Marvel’s Avengers functions a bit differently compared to you average superhero game. Single player missions, also referred to as “Hero missions”, play out like your usual superhero missions. These narrative story-based missions are tailored for a specific hero and their respective abilities.

Moving onto a bigger scale, “War zone missions” aren’t as linear as the hero missions. Instead, these co-operative regional missions are designed to be as “expansive” as possible. An issue that arises in multiplayer RPGs is the level difference between players. Marvel’s Avengers will feature dynamic level scaling, so each player’s gameplay experience isn’t affected when partying up with friends of different levels.

Skill Trees

In Marvel’s Avengers, each character has their own skill tree with varying paths. Players will be able to put points in skills of their choice, resulting in a character that could function vastly different to another player’s.

Once a skill is unlocked, players will be able to switch between it on the fly. For example, Iron Man will be playable with repulsors, lasers, and rockets. Each ability is different from the other, and heavily impacts the way a certain character is played.


Marvel’s Avengers will feature a lot of loot in the form of character cosmetics and gear sets. While there are microtransactions in the form of an in-game Marketplace, items obtained from here are purely cosmetics. Square Enix has promised a large number of cosmetics, and each Avenger will receive a variety of costumes.

As it’s an RPG, gameplay-affecting gear obviously plays a huge role in Marvel’s Avengers. Varying tiers of gear, ranging from your standard common to legendary categories, will provide different perks based on the gear itself.

Although loot and customization is a big part of the game, Marvel’s Avengers will still offer the incredible story that Avengers fans have come to love. Marvel’s Avengers releases on May 15th 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.