A while back, users were concerned about how their data was being used by Apple. In particular, Siri usage data from the users were being reviewed by contractors for quality assurance. The incident was covered in detail by us here.

As mentioned in the article, Apple was looking to implement new policies regarding its quality assurance techniques. In a new article from TechCrunch, we see the company actually implementing the service. As users may know, Apple is currently working on and rolling out the latest iOS 13.2 betas. In their betas, we see new improvements with every single build release.

At first, Apple had stopped the process of grading audio from all the Siri requests altogether. Now, with the update, the company has added an opt-out feature. Users will have the option to not send their data to be reviewed by Apple’s officials, though people who may not have an issue with that can opt-in. The major additions are an explicit opt-in option for people who wish to continue sending in their data for review. Users are told that only Apple’s contract employees will have the authority to review their voice data for quality assurance. Text-based searches would be reviewed regardless of a user’s position on the matter but to get people on board, these would be anonymous and random. For these, the company does add that employees or contractors may review them (people may have an issue with that).

People wanting to opt-out of the service can go into their settings and then into the settings for Siri where there is an option to Improve Siri and Dictation. Users can keep it on or off depending on how they want their data to be treated. Currently, the beta is out for all devices using Siri, for the latest beta builds, of course.