Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 855 Plus Soc For Gaming, Offers A Max Boost Clock Of 2.96Ghz

The US chip manufacturer giant Qualcomm has a habit of releasing one flagship chipset every year. However, that’s not the case this year. The company changed its strategy by announcing a new updated version of the Snapdragon 855 SoC. The next flagship announcement is still months away. For sure its a good news for Android fans who want to have more raw performance.

Higher Clocking and Improved GPU

The company announced the new Snapdragon 855 Plus platform for Mobile phones. The latest premium SoC brings improvement in clock speeds and a more powerful graphics experience. According to Qualcomm the latest SoC is aimed at boosting VR and gaming experiences. Being the latest best offering the new Snapdragon 855 Plus.

Kryo 485 performance cores now clock at 2.96Ghz. These same cores in the Snapdragon 855 SoC clocked at 2.84Ghz. Apart from Processing power boost the company claims the Adreno 640 GPU also gets a 15% improvement as opposed to the older version.

Other hardware components are similar on both the Snapdragon 855 SoCs. Both support X50 modems for 5G connectivity. So if smartphone manufacturers want to bring 5G connectivity support, they will have to include the X50 modem separately.


As mentioned above, the new SoC is designed to boost gaming experience that’s why it comes with an Elite Gaming Experience suite. The Snapdragon 855 Plus powered phones expected to hit the shelves in the second half of this year. Being the gaming-centric SoC we can expect it to power premium gaming phones.

Qualcomm’s Product Management VP, Kedar Kondap’s statement on the Snapdragon 855 Plus. 

Snapdragon 855 Plus will raise the bar for elite gamers with the increase in CPU and GPU performance and elevate experiences for 5G, gaming, AI and XR, which is something our OEM customers look to us to deliver. Snapdragon 855 Plus is our most advanced mobile platform to date and will build upon the success of the 2019 Android flagship Snapdragon 855 5G mobile platform.”

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