Microsoft Brings Read Aloud Feature To Edge Beta For Android

Microsoft has just rolled out a new update for Edge Beta for Android. Starting today, Android users can use the new Read Aloud feature and Honey extension.

Microsoft has added many interesting features to its Chromium Edge browser lately. As a part of the latest Beta update, you can now enable read-aloud functionality on your Android phone. This feature is already available for Windows 10 and iOS users. It allows them to listen to an eBook or an article, or a website on their devices. For those who don’t know, once you enable the read-aloud mode in the browser, a robotic voice starts reading the highlighted text.

Moreover, a menubar appears at the top of the screen that can be used to control the playback. You can click the voice options button to choose a voice from a list of options. The same menubar allows you to control the speed of the specific voice.

Microsoft has recently announced its plans to introduce more natural sounds in the upcoming versions of Chromium edge browser. The company revealed that this decision was mainly driven by user feedback. Microsoft Edge users were of the opinion that the existing voices sound unnatural while reading the text. They further highlighted the fact that the installation of different language packs is a time-consuming process.

Enable Honey Extension To Get Discounts

Additionally, this update also brings Honey extension for the Android version of the browser. The new addition is exciting for all those people who are always looking for discount vouchers. These vouchers can be used to get discounts on more than 40,000 websites.

Furthermore, you can get your favorite gift voucher via Honey Gold. It can then be redeemed on popular online shopping platforms. If you are interested to activate the extension in Microsoft Edge for Android, go to the Settings menu and click Discount coupons.

Notably, both of these features are now enabled in the latest version ( of Microsoft Edge beta on Google Play Store.