You Can Now Speak With Microsoft’S Fasttrack Specialists To Speed Up Your Windows 10 Deployment Process

As we already know the end of support deadline for Windows 7 falls in January 2020. The Redmond giant has made it clear that those who choose to stick to Windows 7 will no longer receive the latest security patches.

As a part of Windows 7 retirement plans, Microsoft is encouraging all Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10. Some recent reports suggest that 50 percent enterprise users have already upgraded their systems. Moreover, others are experiencing problems while completing the upgrade process.

This situation is alarming considering the fact that they just have approximately four months to upgrade. Microsoft has finally taken notice of this problem. Today the company has announced FastTrack deployment guidance for Windows 10. This service is meant to address migration issues for enterprise users.

Many organizations encountered app compatibility issues that stalled the migration. Microsoft understands the need to talk to an expert during those situations. FastTrack Specialists will now help those organizations in the complete assessment, remediation and deployment process.

With FastTrack, we help you to envision a technical plan, determine how to onboard and deploy new services and/or users, and work with you as you deploy to get the most value out of your technology investments. This assistance is available at no additional cost for those with 150 or more licenses of an eligible service or plan.

Microsoft has recommended its users to watch Microsoft Mechanics video to learn more about the new FastTrack deployment guidance for Windows 10.

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Unfortunately, the service is not available free for everyone. Microsoft’s FastTrack guidance is available free of cost for those organizations who have purchased 150 or more licenses for an eligible plan or service. However, we can not determine the impact of this service at the moment. It is just a matter of time to see if Microsoft gets successful in its efforts to resolve migration issues for enterprise users.

If you are interested to speak to a specialist, just sign in to and request assistance for your organization.