Over the past few weeks, Apex Legends data miners have been busy doing what they do best, and a recent burrow into the game’s files has potentially revealed significant information about a future character. We know that developer Respawn has big plans when it comes to playable characters, but it’s not clear which one will come first. The popular Crypto character has been talked about a lot, but it seems there’s another legend headed to Apex Legends.


Immortal is an unreleased character who will allegedly be the game’s first post-launch support character. While Lifeline the combat medic patches up teammates low on health, this new character has the ability to repair shields. As discovered by That1MiningGuy, here’s what the Shield Support character can do:

Shield Charger

“Unleash a cloud of nanites to charge your team shields.”


“Hit a target with a cloud of nanites to kill their shields for a short period of time.”

Hard To Kill

“When you get downed you can revive yourself.”

Rise of the Phoenix

“Restores your health and shields to full and gives nearby teammates 30 seconds of self-revive. Takes 8 seconds to charge.”

While the leak doesn’t explicitly state which ability is which, we can make fairly accurate assessments based on how they work. Hard To Kill, Immortal’s self revive ability, is most likely his passive skill, whilst Rise of the Phoenix is obviously his ultimate. That leaves us with Shield Charger and Teardown, which seem to be one tactical ability with varying functionalities.


While Immortal seems very appealing, he won’t be launching anytime soon. Several leaks have already suggested that the season 3 legend will be Crypto, and a new leak showcasing his character art has essentially confirmed it.

We also have our first look at season 3’s new weapon, the Charge Rifle:

Charge Rifle

In addition to the new content, Respawn seems to be prepping for a Halloween event. As hinted at by this spooky skin for Gibraltar, Apex Legends could get a limited time event in late October.