Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shifting Tides Live On Test Servers, Patch Notes Breakdown

Following a detailed reveal panel over the weekend, Ubisoft has launched operation Shifting Tides on the Rainbow Six Siege test server. The two new operators, Kali and Wamai, are available to try out on the new reworked Theme Park for free. Here are all the changes and additions coming to the game in the next season.

Aside from the new content, Ubisoft introduced a number of quality of life changes. My personal favorite is the new Rappel Exit feature, something fans have been asking for since launch. Starting in Shifting Tides, attackers will now need to press a dedicated key in order to exit rappel.

Another significant change targets Limb Penetration, or lack thereof. With the introduction of Kali’s heavy hitting bolt-action rifle, Ubisoft is finally addressing one of Siege’s most annoying problems. Prior to Shifting Tides, lack of limb penetration resulted in odd scenarios, such as hands blocking headshots. Now, most bullets that hit arms and hands will penetrate to hit more “valuable” body parts. Different weapons have different penetration values, so weapons like the BOSG and TSCG12 can take down multiple targets with one bullet.

Smoke’s Remote Gas has been changed to prevent it damaging operators through walls. The gas now functions similar to Capitao and Goyo’s fire, where smoke will only go through big enough openings in walls. Additionally, the gas cloud produced is fully transparent, and will provide full line of sight.

Next up is the Capitao Elite Set. In the latest addition to the elite lineup, the BOPE attacker receives a unique outfit, MVP animation, a gadget skin, and weapon skins for his entire loadout. The new elite set will be available to purchase with R6 Credits once operation Shifting Tides launches.

Lastly, a handful of operators have received new voice actors. Specifically, voice lines for Hibana and Mira have been re-recorded with new actors. “We are thankful to the voice actors that we worked with up to this point,” Ubisoft says. “But with the expansion of our Universe content, we needed to make adjustments to our talent line up to ensure consistency.”

Note that all the things mentioned here are currently undergoing testing, and as such are subject to change. Operation Shifting Tides is live now on the test server, and should make its way to live servers by the start of December.