Google Brings Podcast Search Functionality To Its Search Engine

Google has announced that the company is making some major changes to its search function. As part of a recent change, Google’s search results will now include podcast episodes related to a search term.

Starting today if you want to see a podcast for gaming or music podcasts, you can simply type the details in Google Search. The search results would display all the podcast episodes that are relevant to a specific topic. As soon as you click on the search results, it will open in for web users. Moreover, the search results will redirect Android users to listen to the show in their Google Podcasts app.

New Podcast Features

The new podcast search feature does not rely just on the notes and titles to display search results. Google is now taking advantage of the audio transcription service to dig deep into the podcast discussion. The company wants to facilitate its users by providing YouTube videos, relevant links, and podcasts in your search results.

Interestingly, Google has eliminated the need to write “podcast” in your search query. Once the feature is available to you, the relevant podcast will surface directly in your search results.

Podcast Search is coming to Google Assistant

Apparently, Google has big plans to expand the podcast search capability. The search giant aims to roll out the functionality for Google Assistant by the end of this year. Google explains in a recent blog post.

For example, when you ask the Assistant for podcasts about a certain topic, such as “Hey Google, play a podcast about Marie Curie,” it will suggest relevant episodes for you.

Not only this, publishers will have the option to choose a playback app or third-party website that will appear in search results. Although the searching for your favorite podcast has never been a hefty process at all. People used to search for the title and the name of the host to get the job done. However, you must agree with the fact that you need to go for a long way when you lack enough details.

Google’s new podcast search functionality comes to the rescue in those situations. The feature currently supports only English language and it is rolled out to the U.S users. It seems like you might have to wait for some weeks until Google expands the support to other countries and languages.