Listening to and streaming music has become second nature to many. I myself, someone who believed in having music downloaded, have been using services like Spotify and Saavn. Not just because they’re convenient, but, because they can be accessed anywhere. All you need is an account, an internet connection and a supported speaker. Today, we have a lot of devices that support music streaming and Google’s Chromecast has even made it more easy.

Quoting an article on TechCrunch, Google has recently released a new feature for its Smart Home devices. To be very honest, there is nothing quite innovative about the feature, nor is it quite the original one. But that should not take one’s attention away from the usefulness and utility that it gives. The feature at hand is called Stream Transfer. Without the posh vocabulary that the Google Marketing team pushes on it, the feature is pretty straight forward. What it does is transfer your music from one speaker or smart home device in one room to the other. That is all. And while it may seem insignificant, it really is not. Users may even opt to play the music in all the speakers, granted the level of setup that is available. All it would take is the user to ask Google to transfer the music to, for example, the bedroom speaker. And you’re good to go. Of course, this can be done via the Google Home app as well.

Google announced Stream Transfer today and although they didn’t give a reason as to why they took so long to release it (yes it was long overdue), they did say that the feature was made to make it easier for users to manage their music as they moved from one room to the other. Perhaps, as people get more time to play around with this feature, we’d see how effective it really is.