Chrome Canary users see many interesting features on a regular basis. Most of the times these changes improve the existing functionality of the browser. However, there are builds that bring nothing more than some annoying bugs and unwanted changes.

A similar incident happened quite recently when Chrome Canary users spotted an unusual change on their Android devices. Interestingly, a buggy Chrome Canary update (version 80.0.3973.0) assigned a new icon to the browser and renamed the application to Clankium. The icon reminds us of Chrome’s game as it shows a dinosaur hatching out of its shell.

Here’s how one of the users reported the bug on Reddit forums:

“So I just updated my chrome Canary from the play store, now it’s called ‘Clankium’ with a dinosaur hatching as the icon. Did this happen to anyone else? Google results was zero besides Google code sources.”

It seems to be a code bug that forced the build system to pull a wrong icon and name. At the time of writing this article, the application is still available for download via Google Play Store.

Source: Google

A number of Chrome users used Google Play Store and official Google platforms [1,2] to report the problem.

Source: redditThe Bug Didn’t Compromise Your Phone

A lot of people who noticed the change initially thought that nasty malware potentially compromised their phones. If you are one of the affected users, there is nothing to worry about.

As a matter of fact, Google uses a secret codename “Clank” for its Android version of Chrome. Additionally, Clankium is basically an open-source version of Chrome developed for Android users.

Google community is constantly working to develop new builds for Chromium-based browsers. However, Google has never officially released Clankium builds. Those who are interested to play around with an open-source version of Chrome can download the new builds for their Android phones.

This is not the first time that Google Chrome is affected by an annoying bug. Chrome users noticed a paw print icon as a result of a Google Messages update.

If we look into the details, the history of reports related to “Clankium” or “Clank” goes back to 2014. You can find a long list of bug reports on the Bug Tracker and Chromium Gerrit.

If you have also noticed the buggy icon, do let us know in the comments section below.