Microsoft has released Skype Insider Preview builds for Desktop and Android users this week. Skype Insiders have highlighted some major changes in the latest releases.

One of the major changes that were introduced in the Skype Insider Preview is related to Skype’s tray icon. If you look closely, the icon now changes its color to match your status. For instance, if you set your Skype status to away, the system tray icon immediately changes to yellow. Secondly, it’s green in the normal Active state rather than blue. As soon as you switch to Do Not Disturb or Invisible mode, the tray icon adopts the corresponding colour.

Not only this, the notifications now appear red in the tray icon. This change is surprising because the red color does not match the overall look and feel of the icons. Additionally, the new Skype Insider Build brings Split View Mode for Desktop users.

Notification are reds, so so ugly just when start FINALLY started to look good & to follow Microsoft design after years of an UI mess.

— Florian B (@flobo09) August 9, 2019

The third noticeable change is the revamped Settings Window. The Settings Window now opens in a separate window that is now resizable and movable. However, the changes didn’t affect its modality. It means that you need to close the Settings to interact with the main Skype window. In other words, it is not possible to interact with it with open Settings.

Movable Settings Window

Skype Insiders think that the ability to resize or move the Settings window is of no use as long as it is modal. They want Microsoft to add new functionality that will allow them to set the Away status directly from the system tray icon.

The forum reports indicate that Skype Insiders are really impressed with the new User Interface changes and they are planning to switch to the new version.

What’s New In Skype Insider Preview Build For Android?

It seems like the changes are not limited to the Desktop application. The latest Skype Insider Preview Build for Android added a new capability for smartphone users. You can now directly share important information with your Skype contacts.

Right now these changes are in the experimental stages and the public preview is expected in the next few months. You easily get early access to the new Skype features by joining Skype Insider Program. Skype encourages that you should provide your feedback through Skype Insider Community.