Xiaomi is one of the largest growing mobile manufacturers in the world. Coming out of China, it comes at number two, right behind Huawei. The company, while only known for its cellphones throughout the world, is responsible for a lot of different products in China. These range from towels to cooking utensils to even lamps. You think it, Xiaomi has it.

Xiaomi’s mobile division has two major brands: Xiaomi and Redmi. While Xiaomi mobile phones are budget-friendly, they pack a bit of luxury in them. Meanwhile, the Redmi devices are aimed at people looking for budget devices and do not mind sub-flagship specs. In the Redmi series, we saw phones like the Redmi Note series which was quite the user favourite. In a recent announcement by Lei Jun, as highlighted by Sudhanshu Ambhore, the company is going in a different direction with the Note series.

This shows that the company would not be making the Note series phones for a while now. Now, one may wonder why this clarification between the brands and this highlighted portion was required. A day before, a tweet by Ice Universe claimed that Xiaomi would be rebranding the note name under the Xiaomi Mi mobile series instead of the Redmi. This got a lot of people thinking and wondering whether it would be aimed at a higher price tag and with flagship specs. With this one tweet though, those who loved the idea and those who hated it even, have been put to rest. It is sure now, though, that we won’t see a refresh of the Redmi Note series for a while now.