Microsoft released the second major feature update of this year, Windows 10 v1909 on November 12. It was a minor update that packs a major change, as it brings a new File Explorer’s search experience

To begin with, you can now see a preview of the suggested files as soon as you start typing in the File Explorer. Moreover, it has the capability to access your OneDrive files. However, it seems like the new search experience didn’t go well. We have covered some of the most prevalent File Explorer issues, with varying severity.

Broken File Explorer Search

Windows 10 users are experiencing issues with the File Explorer’s search pane, as it seems to be unresponsive.

I was having the same problem when I was using the update (KB4517245), when I clicked in the search box, I had to wait for an abnormally large amount of time before the search box unfreeze and the cursor appeared, the right click never worked for me, not even a single time when I was using the 1909 build 18363.476…

Cut/Paste Doesn’t Work

Many people can’t even use the cut and paste functionality in the search box. Additionally, File Explorer doesn’t show anything when they right-click in an empty space.

Exact same issue here and windows build. Windows file explorer is a mess. Even here in this window, I can’t cut/paste/move a single thing

Search Box Doesn’t Show Text Input

Users are struggling to type in the File Explorer search box. Moreover, what makes the new File Explorer particularly odd is the address ribbon size which is comparatively bigger than the search box:

Since updating to 1909, as soon a character is typed in the file explorer search box the blue arrow appears but no text. The search does work though and what you typed, blind, appears in the history. I think the Address ribbon is too big and the search box is too small. Can this be changed?

The problems seem to be pretty inconsistent because of the fact that sometimes users don’t experience any issues while using the search functionality. However, there are times when they can’t even click in the File Explorer search box.

No ETA Available For File Explorer Fix

The list of issues doesn’t end here and there is a lot more in the bucket. It seems like Microsoft has decided to remain tight-lipped on the matter for now. At the time of writing this article, there is no official confirmation from Microsoft.

Moreover, you have two options to temporarily solve the problem. You can either roll back to a previous version or manually kill the explorer.exe process from the Task Manager. Considering the fact that Windows 10 v1909 doesn’t bring any major features, it is better to wait a few more weeks for a fix.

Have you experienced any serious issues after installing November 2019 Update on your systems? Share your problems in the comments section below.