Rainbow Six Siege “Doktor’S Curse” Halloween Event Live, Watch Hide And Seek Gameplay Here

With Halloween right around the corner, Ubisoft has added a spooky limited time mode to Rainbow Six Siege. The new hide and seek game mode pits Hunters against Monsters on a grim version of the Theme Park map. Hunters have two minutes to chase after and eliminate Defenders using a sledgehammer, and the defenders have to use traps and outsmart the Hunters in order to survive. Check out some gameplay of the Doktor’s Curse below:

Doktor’s Curse


Hunters’ objective is tracking down and killing the Monsters before the timer runs out. There are three “classes” to choose from: Lurcher (Jackal),  Prowler (Lion), and Stalker (Pulse). Players can pick any combination of the three classes, with each one having its own unique ability. All Hunters move at increased speeds, and can only attack using sledgehammers.


The Monsters, however, cannot directly hurt or kill the Hunters. Instead, they have to use a selection of five trap operators to hinder the Hunters. Frost, Lesion, Smoke, Ela, and Kapkan may use their primary gadgets in the short preparation phase, or in the middle of the round.

In addition to their primary gadget, Monsters have access to a new Cloaking secondary gadget. Upon activation, the secondary gadget renders the Monster invisible and gives them super speed for a few moments. Players can use this gadget up to three times per round, making it useful for escaping a nearby Hunter.


The Doktor’s Curse limited time event brings with it a wave of new Halloween-themed cosmetics. The new uniforms, headgears, and weapon skins can be obtained exclusively from the new Doktor’s Curse Collection Packs. Like all other premium packs, there are no duplicates. However, unlike the previous premium packs such as the Outbreak collection, the Doktor’s Curse packs can also be purchased with Renown instead of just R6 Credits.

Doktor’s Curse Collection

Each pack costs 12,500 Renown or 300 R6 Credits, and completing the entire 28-item collection will require upwards of 300,000 Renown.


Rainbow Six Siege’s Doktor’s Curse Halloween event is live now on all platforms. The two-week event will come to an end on 6th November, after which the premium packs will no longer be available.