Microsoft is continuously working to improve the browsing experience for smartphone users. The company has already added many useful features to the desktop version of Google Chrome. Microsoft launched its popular Continue on PC feature for Windows 10 users back in October 2017. This feature allowed Android users to send webpages to Windows 10 devices.

Previously, Android users had to install Your Phone Companion app from the Play Store in order to use this functionality. However, Microsoft recently eased the pain of app installation, allowing users to send webpages directly from their Chrome browser. The Chrome’s Continue on PC option offers sharing capability on various devices including iPhone, Windows 10 PC, Mac and more.

It seems like the company has changed its mind because the Continue on PC option is no longer available in Google Chrome. Chrome’s share sheet now offers Your Phone Companion as an alternative option. All you need to use do is to tap on the Your Phone Companion option to send webpages.

If you want to open a webpage on another device, tap the three-dot option available on the right side of your Chrome browser. Now choose Share from the list of options and tap the Send to your devices option. Finally, select Your Phone Companion to send a webpage.

Although you can open the web page directly from your browser’s history. However, this option eliminates the need to scroll through the history section for that purpose. This handy feature helps you to read something on a bigger screen either it’s your laptop or desktop.

The change is not limited to Chrome as a similar option is also added in Microsoft Edge and Firefox browsers. It is worth noting that the change does not affect smartphones running Android 9 or older. It other words they can still use Continue on PC feature. It remains to be seen if Microsoft plans to roll out a similar functionality for older Android versions.