Google has been pushing its presence all over the tech world. Soon we will be seeing Google’s cloud gaming service as well (who would have imagined that!). As news goes, the latest for Google was posted by XDA Developers earlier this week. The source found a document which contained information which leads the writer to believe that Google is aiming to release a Game Device Certification.

Today, as smartphones come to a standstill, we see a new category of them: gaming smartphones. These, as the name may suggest, pack more power and are more glittery than normal devices. Looks are not the first and foremost priority for designers when it comes to these devices. These are made to last one’s gaming session for hours, without throttling or even getting warm. It is with devices like the Razer Phone and the Asus ROG phone that this new standard was set in the market.

According to the article, Google is reportedly working on a Game Device Certification program. Smartphone manufacturers would get to adopt this certification to have their devices come with preloaded Google Mobile Services and supporting APIs. What this would do is create a more universally compatible atmosphere for developers to make their titles. It would also mean more efficient usage of the device’s internals (restricting power loss). For the program, in the document, Google has added minimum specs. These minimum specs would be a benchmark for smartphone manufacturers if they wish to get Google’s certification for the product.

With games like PubG mobile and the latest COD Mobile becoming more popular and common, this would be a nice service to have, given that everyone would want smooth gameplay and prevent their device from throttling.