Microsoft released September Patch Tuesday Updates for versions of Windows 10 this week. The Redmond giant specifically addressed the infamous CPU throttling issue in Windows 10 version 1903. This problem was initially introduced by Windows 10 cumulative update KB4512941.

It was a serious issue that affected thousands of Windows 10 users. Later on, Microsoft acknowledged the Search bug and promised to fix it in the upcoming updates. Microsoft released KB4515384 to resolve the problem as a part of this month’s Patch Tuesday cycle.

Although this patch addressed the Search issue, however, it brings a whole lot of additional problems as well. One of the major problems is related to the Start menu which stops working after the installation of this update. Based on user reports, you should be prepared to deal with the following problems if you are planning to install KB4515384.

Windows 10 September Patch Tuesday Updates Bug ReportNvidia GPU unplugged

There are numerous reports that the installation of KB4515384 breaks Nvidia graphics cards. The users were prompted to re-plug the card as soon as the update was installed.

My graphics card which is an Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti is listed by the system as unplugged after I had downloaded and installed the newest windows update (KB4515384) which comes with NET. framework update KB4514359 and Security Update for Adobe Flash Player KB4516115. I did not do anything to the physical card, but the system did not detect it and said that I have to re-plug the card. Can anybody help me?

Unplayable Video files

According to some Windows 10 users that they can no longer open any video files including the mkv/avi formats after the update.

Broken Profile Service

According to a Reddit thread, users are experiencing problems and they cant log in with a profile they previously logged in. Even if they manage to log in the profile is extremely slow and it fails to respond.

Reset Settings App Bug

We have already reported about a bug that affects font in the Windows 10 Reset Settings App. Apparently, Microsoft has not fixed the issue in September Patch Tuesday updates. People spotted the same issue in this patch as well.

It not only broke Cortana/Search and the tooltip context feature for icons, but replaced the Latin alphabet with some sort of ASCII machine code! All desktop icons, taskbar information, and key Windows apps like Task Manager, Msconfig and Install/Uninstall became unreadable! I shut down and rebooted several times, without any change.

USB HID Device Issue

Microsoft forum reports suggest that KB4515384 broke HID devices. Windows 10 systems can no longer recognize HID devices. Microsoft has not acknowledged this bug and there is no workaround to fix it either.

After the USB HID device issue after September 10, 2019—KB4515384 (OS Build 18362.356) windows update, my HID device is no more recognized. It is listed by the usbview.exe application but the application I use to manage this device cannot see it. I also notice that in the Device Manager a libusb-win32-devices item containing my device is now listed:

Start Menu & Action Center Stopped Working

This is another major problem that affected the majority of Windows 10 users. Some of them complained that the Start menu stopped working. According to the users, Windows Search results in a blank window. Moreover, others reported that Action Center no longer opens on their systems.

The good news is Microsoft is investigating these reports and we hope that a patch will be available very soon.

Microsoft has received reports that some users are having issues related to the Start menu and Windows Desktop Search. We are presently investigating and will provide an update when more information is available.

Microsoft published a support article suggesting a number of solutions that can help you to fix Search issues in Windows 10.

Missing Taskbar Icons

It seems like the patch messed up every part of the operating systems including the taskbar icons. Windows 10 users confirmed that the Taskbar items went missing as a result of the update. However, performing a System Restore fixed the issue.

Latency Issues

Some Reddit users noticed that this update causes high latency that could further lead to audio dropouts and shuttering issues. Unfortunately, there is no workaround to fix this issue and you need to roll back to a previous stable version to fix it.

In my case it was severe. Every minute or so, for 10-20 seconds, I would have severe drops from 120fps down to 10ish fps, with massive input latency increases. Even desktop windows would rapidly shimmer and flicker during the time. LatencyMon indicated it was this same ntoskrnl issue.

BSOD Bug & Failed Installs

Some people who installed the update encountered BSOD bug on their systems. Furthermore, the update completely failed to install for others with an error code KB4515384.

Cumulative update KB4515384 fails to install with error 0xe0000100. Manually downloading the updates gives the same error, and Upgrade Assistant says my system is up to date. SFC is good.

Game Sound issues

It looks like the patch messed up some popular gaming titles for the PC gamers. Those who installed the patch confirmed that it affects the game sound.

Microsoft is yet to acknowledge most of these issues. So, it is better to block the updates for a couple of weeks until the issues are resolved by the company.