With the full reveal of Rainbow Six Siege’s next season rapidly approaching, Ubisoft has released a short teaser showcasing the upcoming operators’ gadgets. According to the trailer, Shifting Tides’ new Indian attacker is called Kali, and the Kenyan defender is called Wamai. Have a look at the new LV Explosive Lance and magnetic projectile defense gadgets here:


As seen in the trailer above, the new attacker gadget seems to line up with the leaks from earlier this week. The operator wields the CSRX-300, a bolt-action rifle with an underbarrel grenade launcher. Her primary weapon has the ability to penetrate multiple soft walls, but her gadget is even more interesting.

Providing an alternate to Thatcher’s EMP, the Kali Launcher fires a device which sticks to surfaces and destroys gadgets attached to it. This includes gadgets such as Bandit’s batteries, Kaid’s electroclaws, Mute’s jammers and more. There’s probably more to the gadget than that, but we’ll have to wait for the full reveal next week to learn more.


Over on the defending front, Wamai comes equipped with a unique trophy system. The magnetic gadget attaches to surfaces and provides protection from projectile in a spherical radius. Unlike Jager’s ADS which outright destroys the projectile, Wamai’s gadget pulls in the grenade before neutralizing it.

We don’t know anything about Wamai’s loadout, except for a leak that claims him to be a three armor one speed defender. His gadget does seem fairly strong, so I imagine he would have weaker weapons to offset his pick rate.

Alleged operator icons have also surfaced on the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit, but seeing as they weren’t shown in the teaser, I doubt their authenticity.

Kali and Wamai launch in Operation Shifting Tides alongside a rework of Theme Park. The full reveal of the new season will take place on November 10th during the pro league finals in Japan.