Before heading on towards our actual topic, we would first like to enlighten you about “What is Alexa?” and “What are Alexa Skills?” because some of the people reading this article might have heard these terminologies for the very first time in their lives. If we talk about Windows 10, then most of us are familiar with its voice assistant called Cortana. Similarly, for iOS and Mac operating systems, we have Siri as a voice assistant. Amazon also has its voice assistant with the help of which you can control many of its products along with some other third-party products and this voice assistant is known as Alexa.

As far as the term Alexa Skills is concerned, then it refers to all the tasks that Alexa is capable of accomplishing for you. Alexa presents you with a wide range of its capabilities that are classified in the form of multiple different skill sets. In order to use any particular Alexa skill, all you have to do is to go to your Alexa app, find that particular skill that you want to use and simply click on the Enable button in order to get that skill. Although all of Alexa’s skills are quite amazing and helpful however, here we will share with you the 5 Best Alexa Skills that you must try out.

1. Alexa Productivity Skills

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Alexa Productivity Skills refer to those skills that help you in keeping a track of your daily productivity. There are a huge number of skills that are a part of the Productivity category and we really cannot sum up all of them over here so we will just go through some of the most useful ones. The Quick Events skill of this category allow you to make a list of different events along with their timings so that your Alexa device notifies you about the occurence of that particular event. You can track the progress of any activity that you are performing by noting down your points with the help of My Points skill. If you want your Alexa device to notify you about anything going wrong in your surroundings, then you can make use of the Notify Me skill.

Alexa Productivity Skills

The Productivity skills can also be used to provide you with a soothing sensation whenever you get too much exhausted because of your daily busy routine. For that, you can make use of the Healing Sounds skill that presents you with more than 20 healing sounds that are especially designed to help you fall asleep, study or even meditate. If you ever get tired of your continuous struggles then before giving up, you must enable the Daily Motivation skill that will never let you break apart in your difficult times. This skill generates inspirational quotes on daily basis in order to keep you strengthened.

2. Alexa Food and Drinks Skills

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Alexa Food and Drinks Skills are obviously there for satisfying your apetite but apart from that, they also help you in getting the items that you require for cooking purposes. You can enable the OurGroceries skill in order to add different items to your grocery list. Whenever you are alone at home and you are not so good at cooking, then you can easily take help from Alexa’s Best Recipes skill. All you have to do is to provide your Alexa device with the ingredients that you have and this skill will tell you the best dish that you can make out of the provided ingredients. Similarly, Something Quick Something Easy Recipes skill helps you in finding the quickest recipes for breakfast or suppers.

Alexa Food and Drink Skills

The Yummy Dessert skill suggests you what you can have as a sweet dish. The Coffee Maker skill enables you to make the best coffee out there no matter if you want a mocha or a cappuccino or any other kind. The Whole30 skill presents you with a full-fledged 30 Days Diet Plan. If you want to get the perfect recipes from the best chefs for your special occassions, then you should enable the Food Network skill. If you want to dine out some day but you cannot come up with a good restaurant, then you can conveniently take help from Alexa’s Pick a Restaurant skill that will suggest you a good restaurant.

3. Alexa Business and Finance Skills

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Alexa Business and Finance Skills are all about money and transactions. If you want to transfer the money from one account to another, then you can enable the Money Transfers skill. If you ever want to find out which credit card can best fulfill all of your financial needs, then you can take help from the Credit Card Helper skill. My Gold Wallet keep you updated about the worth of your gold, silver, and platinum holdings. If you are a business-minded person, then you must always want to stay updated regarding the top business trends. Fox Business skill will serve this purpose for you by providing you with the latest business news.

Alexa Business and Finance Skills

Alexa also lets you calculate your income tax with the help of its Income Tax Calculator skill. If you are curious to know more and more about the emerging field of cryptocurrency, then you should enable the CryptoFeed skill. The Azimo skill provides you with the most recent currency rates. The Budget Bot skill takes care of your budget and never lets you run out of money because of buying things that cost beyond your limited budget. Last but not least, the Ten Things in Tech skill allows you to get a daily briefing on the biggest tech news from around the whole world.

4. Alexa Games and Trivia Skills

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Alexa Games and Trivia Skills are specially designed for the gamers and those people who always want to get themselves entertained. If you are a fan of the famous Harry Potter series, then you will likely to enable the Harry Potter Trivia skill which will present you with a quiz that revolves around the Harry Potter series and will test your knowledge about it. The Fortnite News feature will inform you about all the latest news and events regarding this game. If you are getting bored and do not know which game you should play in order to keep yourself busy, then the Game Suggester skill is there to help you out as it will provide you with suggestions regarding which game you should play.

Alexa Games and Trivia Skills

The Question of the Day skill will test your knowledge about different topics on daily basis by presenting you with new questions every day. Similarly, the True or False skill will also provide you with different questions but you will only be allowed to say True or False to their answers. If you are interested in knowing the healing properties of different crystals, then you should enable the Crystals and Their Healing Properties skill. If you want to train your brain and make it all the more sharper by playing intelligence games, then you can take help from Alexa’s Bing Bong skill.

5. Alexa Travel and Transportation Skills

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Alexa Travel and Transportation Skills allow you to get the best travelling and transportation facilities as well as the most accurate information regarding the arrivals or departures of your flights. The United skill enables you to ask Alexa about your United Airline’s flight status. If you are a forgetful person and most of the times get yourself into trouble because of this habit specially while travelling, then the Travel Checklist skill is there to help you in remembering every essential thing that you need for your trip. The I’m Driving skill provides you the best information regarding directions, maps, arrival timings, etc. while you are driving.

Alexa Travel and Transportation Skills

If you want to find out whether the country you plan on visiting requires a visa or not, then you can enable the Visa Requirements skill. Sometimes when you are at the airport, you cannot clearly listen to an important announcement because of the unwanted noise and hassle over there. In this situation, all you want is someone who can repeat that announcement for you. Alexa’s Airport Audio Announcements skill is there to serve this purpose. Whenever, you visit a non-native country, the biggest difficulty that you encounter is to understand the language of the people over there. You can enable the Translate This skill because it is capable of translating some of the most common phrases of the most frequently used languages into a language that you can understand.