Ubisoft has released a new wild west-themed limited time mode for Rainbow Six Siege. The new game mode is called Showdown, and takes place on the new Fort Truth map.


Following the same rules as the secure area game mode, Showdown sees three attackers attempt to retrieve the gold “stolen” by three defenders. The gold, which is the secure area objective, is located in the middle of the map, and must be retrieved by attackers.

Seems normal enough, right? Well, the twist is that every operator is locked to the same loadout which consists of the BOSG slug shotgun primary and the magnum revolver secondary. Primary gadgets for all operators are disabled, and both teams have different secondary gadgets. Attackers have access to smoke grenades and frag grenades, and defenders can only use barbed wire.

As for the available operators, there are ten total operators that can be picked. Each operator, except the recruit, are dressed up in the newly introduced wild west cosmetics. Operators part of Showdown include Maverick, Glaz, Ash, Capitao, Twitch, Caveira, Rook, Kaid, Alibi, and Maestro.


Due to the wacky loadout, rounds play out in seconds. One armor operators such as Caveira and Ash can be killed in one shot of the BOSG, while the more heavily armored ones can survive up to two shots. Although it doesn’t look like it, there’s a lot of strategy involved in winning rounds. For defenders, playing the objective by laying down barbed wire and holding angles is the key to winning. Attackers, however, are forced to play at a disadvantage due to drones being disabled.

Regarding the map, Fort Truth is one Rainbow Six Siege’s smallest maps. Attackers spawn on the wide open outskirts and make their way into the maze of dust-colored walls. There’s also an underground tunnel that connects the attacker spawn to the defender one.

Lastly, Showdown features a unique and, in my opinion, the coolest MVP animation screen, check it out.

Showdown Packs

Alongside a new game mode, new limited time cosmetics have been added. There are a total of 31 cosmetics which include uniforms, headgears, weapon skins, and a universal charm. To obtain these cosmetics, you will need to purchase the new Showdown Packs. All players receive one Showdown Pack for free, and more can be purchased using R6 Credits.

Showdown Pack

As with all such premium packs, the Showdown Packs do not contain any duplicates. Each pack costs about 300 R6 Credits, and you’ll need to pay 9000 R6 Credits to get all 30 packs and complete the collection. Additionally, year 4 pass owners will gain a 10% shop discount. However, judging from past trends, Ubisoft will give out one or two of these packs in the form of challenges. As such, you’d be better off waiting a few days before paying to complete the entire collection.

While Ubisoft has introduced zany events in the past, Showdown is Rainbow Six Siege’s first 3vs3 mode. Judging from first looks, it’s a pretty fun game mode and provides players with a much-needed break from the competitiveness of ranked.

The Showdown limited time event runs until July 16th, and is live now on all platforms.