Microsoft has already made it clear that all the new features will now be pushed via Controlled Feature Rollout. It means that new features will not be immediately available to all Windows Insiders. The idea is to limit the impact of each change to only a subset of users. It looks like the company has already started taking advantage of the Controlled Feature Rollout.

Microsoft has started rolling out Windows share dialogue support for Chromium Edge on Windows 10. However, the “Share this page” feature is currently available to a limited number to users. Those who are running Microsoft Edge Canary builds can access this feature by clicking on the three dots menu above the Print option.

Credits: WindowsLatest

Some recent reports suggest that the “Share this page” feature has been rolled out from the server-side. At the time of writing this article, a command line or an experimental flag that can enable the capability for you is unknown.

Credits: WindowsLatest

For those who don’t know, a similar capability is already available in classic Edge. You can use the share button available besides the address bar to share any web page. The recent change in Chromium Edge is a part of Microsoft’s effort to inherit the features of classic Edge in the new browser.

A Brief Recap Of Some Major Features

Microsoft has released various changes for Chromium Edge lately. We have reported earlier that Tracking Prevention is now enabled by default for Windows Insiders. Furthermore, Microsoft Edge has recently got the ability to select multiple tabs. The Never Translate option allows the users to restrict page translation in a specific language. On top of that, you can use the import wizard to import your classic Edge settings in Chromium Edge.

If development goes at this pace, we expect to see many new features and changes very soon. It remains to be seen that when the Windows 10 share dialog integration will be available for all users. The mass roll-out will take place based on user feedback. If everything goes well, you should get access to the new feature over the next few days.